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Work Experience And Psychological Development Through The Life Span
Taylor and Francis (2019)
130,20 €

Throughout the modern era, scholars have shown a continuing concern with the extent to which...

Arenas of Comfort in Adolescence: A Study of Adjustment in Context
Taylor and Francis (2001)
65,65 €

Adolescence is a time when the social world expands, a time of increasing engagement beyond the...

The Changing Adolescent Experience: Societal Trends and the Transition to Adulthood

The Changing Adolescent Experience

Societal Trends and the Transition to Adulthood

Cambridge University Press (2002)
39,27 €

This book examines changes that are likely to impact adolescents' lives and their futures as adults.

Youth Unemployment and Society
Cambridge University Press (1994)
26,18 €

This book examines youth unemployment and intervention strategies in the United States and Europe.

Handbook of the Life Course

This comprehensive handbook provides an overview of key theoretical perspectives, concepts, and...

Handbook of the Life Course: Volume II
Springer International Publishing (2015)
79,72 €

Building on the success of the 2003 Handbook of the Life Course, this second volume identifies...