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Lee Child is the pen name of former British lawyer, James Dover Grant (CBE), best known for his Jack Reacher series of thriller novels. After losing his job (a twenty year career in commercial television with Granada) Lee Child decided to start writing novels, which propelled him to international fame, gained him a passionate following and won Child multiple awards for his crime writing.

His first novel, Killing Floor, won both the Anthony Award and the Barry Award for Best First Novel. His style is described as hardboiled and action driven, with a high body count thanks to the antics of his iconic character, ex-military policeman, Jack Reacher.

Two Jack Reacher film adaptations, based on the novels, One Shot (2012) and Never Go Back (2016) have both starred Tom Cruise as Reacher. The 24th Reacher novel, Blue Moon is due to be published October 29, 2019.

Lee Child lives with his wife and daughter between his homes in Manhattan, England and France.

Praise for Lee Child:
'These books are absolutely addictive' George R. R. Martin
'Great pace, drama, language' James Patterson
'Jack Reacher is today's James Bond' Ken Follett
'Nothing makes for a great weekend quite like quality time with Jack' Lisa Gardner
'The coolest continuing series character' Stephen King
'I always seize the latest Lee Child with pleasure' Philip Pullman
'I pick up Jack Reacher when I'm in the mood for someone big to solve my problems' Patricia Cornwell'

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Blue Moon: (Jack Reacher 24)

Blue Moon

(Jack Reacher 24)

Transworld (2019)
8,49 €

AS FEATURED ON RICHARD & JUDY’S ‘KEEP READING AND CARRY ON’ 'This is one of his best' - The...

Killing Floor: (Jack Reacher 1)

Killing Floor

(Jack Reacher 1)

Transworld (2009)
8,49 €

"This was the first Jack Reacher novel and with its lean, spare prose it has one of the most...

The Christmas Scorpion: A Jack Reacher Story
Random House Publishing Group (2018)
2,00 €

In a new short story available exclusively as an ebook, Jack Reacher’s spending the holidays in...

Past Tense: (Jack Reacher 23)

Past Tense

(Jack Reacher 23)

Transworld (2018)
8,49 €

JACK REACHER NEVER LOOKS BACK . . . UNTIL NOW. 'There's only one Jack Reacher. Accept no...

The Affair: (Jack Reacher 16)

The Affair

(Jack Reacher 16)

Transworld (2011)
8,49 €

'There's only one Jack Reacher. Accept no substitutes.' Mick Herron March 1997. A woman has her...

61 Hours: (Jack Reacher 14)

61 Hours

(Jack Reacher 14)

Transworld (2010)
6,99 €


The Visitor: (Jack Reacher 4)

The Visitor

(Jack Reacher 4)

Transworld (2008)
7,57 €

Two female army high-flyers. Both acquainted with Jack Reacher. Both forced to resign from the...

Persuader: (Jack Reacher 7)


(Jack Reacher 7)

Transworld (2008)
8,49 €

"Ballsy, dynamic and not for the faint-hearted." ( Daily Mail) Never forgive, never forget. ...

Make Me: (Jack Reacher 20)

Make Me

(Jack Reacher 20)

Transworld (2015)
8,49 €

"Child's best for some time…with detective-story and romcom elements (even sly humour) on top of the...

The Midnight Line: (Jack Reacher 22)

The Midnight Line

(Jack Reacher 22)

Transworld (2017)
8,49 €

THE NUMBER ONE BESTSELLER/A RICHARD & JUDY BOOKCLUB 2018 PICK Jack Reacher is having a bad day. ...