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Around The World In Eighty Days
Orion (2010)
4,45 €

'The pace of this kind of travel has not much changed since Fogg set out in 1872. Trains may be a...

The Truth
Orion (2012)
2,96 €

Is the truth really what we make it? From the inimitable Michael Palin, a warm and intelligent...

Michael Palin's Hemingway Adventure
Orion (2010)
3,95 €

A winning combination of No.1 travel writer Michael Palin and one of the great literary figures of...

Travelling to Work: Diaries 1988–1998

Travelling to Work

Diaries 1988–1998

Orion (2014)
3,95 €

The third volume of Michael Palin's celebrated diaries. TRAVELLING TO WORK is a roller-coaster...

Orion (2010)
3,95 €

Michael Palin tackles the full length of the Himalaya in this terrific number one bestseller. ...

Orion (2010)
3,95 €

Michael Palin's superb No. 1 bestseller about his incredible voyage across the Sahara. Michael...

Erebus: The Story of a Ship
Random House (2018)
9,49 €

NOW AVAILABLE: Michael Palin's North Korea Journal THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER In...

The Python Years: Diaries 1969-1979 Volume One

The Python Years

Diaries 1969-1979 Volume One

Orion (2010)
3,95 €

Michael Palin's bestselling diaries before, during and after Monty Python. Michael Palin's diaries...

New Europe
Orion (2010)
3,95 €

No. 1 bestseller and superstar doing what he does best, introducing millions of avid readers to...

Orion (2012)
3,95 €

Michael Palin, the No.1 bestselling author, explores an exotic country that is now a global...