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Coughs & Wheezes: Their Treatment by Homoeopathy

Coughs & Wheezes

Their Treatment by Homoeopathy

Ebury Publishing (2011)
4,99 €

The author Phyllis Speight remembers having pneumonia when she was four years old, and suffering...

A Study Course In Homoeopathy
Ebury Publishing (2011)
6,99 €

Some years ago Health Science Press issued a correspondence course in Homeopathy. It proved...

Homoeopathic Remedies For Children
Ebury Publishing (2012)
5,49 €

This is a simple and clear description of how homoeopathy works with particular reference to...

Homoeopathy For Emergencies
Ebury Publishing (2011)
3,49 €

This small book has been written to enable those with no knowledge of homoeopathy to apply the...

Pertinent Questions And Answers About Homoeopathy
Ebury Publishing (2011)
3,49 €

At the end of any lecture on homoeopathy there are numerous questions which often prove of great...

The Traveller's Guide to Homoeopathy
Ebury Publishing (2011)
3,49 €

Definitely not for those of you who are contemplating taking on Mount Everest or the Amazon, but...

Tranquillisation: The Non Addictive Way


The Non Addictive Way

Ebury Publishing (2011)
4,49 €

In this book Speight helps people find another way of dealing with anxieties, grief, stress and many...