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97 Things Every Software Architect Should Know: Collective Wisdom from the Experts
O'Reilly Media (2009)
26,78 €

In this truly unique technical book, today's leading software architects present valuable principles...

Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0
O'Reilly Media (2006)
38,08 €

If you're up on the latest Java technologies, then you know that Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) 3.0 is...

Java Message Service
O'Reilly Media (2000)
29,75 €

This book is a thorough introduction to Java Message Service (JMS), the standard Java application...

Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0. Wydanie V
Helion (2012)
28,28 €

Wykorzystaj zaawansowane technologie tworzenia aplikacji korporacyjnych Poznaj architektur?...

Java Message Service: Creating Distributed Enterprise Applications

Java Message Service (2nd ed.)

Creating Distributed Enterprise Applications

O'Reilly Media (2009)
30,35 €

Java Message Service , Second Edition, is a thorough introduction to the standard API that supports...