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The Man Who Lived Underground
HarperCollins (2021)
16,48 €

A major literary event: an explosive, previously unpublished novel of racism, injustice, brutality,...

Injustice: Vintage Minis


Vintage Minis

Random House (2018)
3,49 €

VINTAGE MINIS: GREAT MINDS. BIG IDEAS. LITTLE BOOKS. How to go on in a world where everything is...

Encyclopedia of Criminology
Taylor and Francis (2013)
496,69 €

This three-volume work offers a comprehensive review of the pivotal concepts, measures, theories,...

School Leader Internship: Developing, Monitoring, and Evaluating Your Leadership Experience

School Leader Internship (4th ed.)

Developing, Monitoring, and Evaluating Your Leadership Experience

Taylor and Francis (2016)
34,05 €

School Leader Internship, 4 th Edition challenges school leader interns to build competencies in...

Geographies of Migration
Taylor and Francis (2018)
36,89 €

Migration is an enormously broad topic of academic enquiry engaging researchers from many different...

The Rise and Fall of Global Microcredit: Development, debt and disillusion

The Rise and Fall of Global Microcredit

Development, debt and disillusion

Taylor and Francis (2018)
33,10 €

In the mid-1980s the international development community helped launch what was to quickly become...

The History of Corporate Finance: Developments of Anglo-American Securities Markets, Financial Practices, Theories and Laws Vol 1
Taylor and Francis (2020)
42,56 €

This work contains primary research texts regarding two centuries of the development of corporate...