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The Afterlives of the Psychiatric Asylum: Recycling Concepts, Sites and Memories

The Afterlives of the Psychiatric Asylum

Recycling Concepts, Sites and Memories

Taylor and Francis (2016)
47,54 €

The last 40 years has seen a significant shift from state commitment to asylum-based mental health...

Taylor and Francis (2001)
50,94 €

Culture/Place/Health is the first exploration of cultural-geographical health research for a...

Soundscapes of Wellbeing in Popular Music
Taylor and Francis (2016)
47,54 €

Unearthing the messy and sprawling interrelationships of place, wellbeing, and popular music, this...

Children's Health and Wellbeing in Urban Environments
Taylor and Francis (2017)
41,89 €

How children experience, negotiate and connect with or resist their surroundings impacts on their...

Blue Space, Health and Wellbeing: Hydrophilia Unbounded

Blue Space, Health and Wellbeing

Hydrophilia Unbounded

Ronan Foley, Robin Kearns and 2 more...
Taylor and Francis (2019)
41,89 €

Health geography makes critical contributions to contemporary and emerging interdisciplinary agendas...