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Future Public Health: Burdens, Challenges and Opportunities

Future Public Health

Burdens, Challenges and Opportunities

Palgrave Macmillan (2008)
87,17 €

Situating public health within its social, environmental and political context, this book looks to...

"The Planetary Garden" and Other Writings
University of Pennsylvania Press, Inc. (2015)
37,71 €

In these three texts, brought together and translated into English for the first time, Gilles...

Islam and the West: Critical Perspectives on Modernity

Islam and the West

Critical Perspectives on Modernity

Ömer Çaha, Wadood Hamad and 8 more...
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (2003)
45,86 €

The essays in Islam and the West: Critical Perspectives on Modernity approach the interactions of...

Domestic Violence and Protecting Children: New Thinking and Approaches

Domestic Violence and Protecting Children

New Thinking and Approaches

Cathy Humphreys, Nicky Stanley and 31 more...
Jessica Kingsley Publishers (2015)
26,03 €

In this volume, the authors present an overview of the innovative work taking place in relation to...

The Challenges of European Governance in the Age of Economic Stagnation, Immigration, and Refugees
Lexington Books (2016)
150,52 €

This book examines the political and legal challenges of regional governance in the European Union...