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Alban Berg: Master of the Smallest Link

Alban Berg

Master of the Smallest Link

Cambridge University Press (1994)
14,70 €

Adorno's study of Alban Berg is a unique document. Itself now a part of music history, it is a...

Against Epistemology: A Metacritique
Wiley (2013)
15,99 €

This classic book by Theodor W. Adorno anticipates many of the themes that have since become common...

Metaphysics: Concept and Problems


Concept and Problems

Wiley (2014)
18,99 €

This volume makes available in English for the first time Adorno's lectures on metaphysics. It...

The Complete Correspondence 1928 - 1940
Wiley (2015)
24,99 €

The surviving correspondence between Walter Benjamin and Theodor W. Adorno. This is the...

Ontology and Dialectics: 1960-61
Wiley (2018)
19,99 €

Adorno’s lectures on ontology and dialectics from 1960–61 comprise his most sustained and systematic...

The Culture Industry: Selected Essays on Mass Culture

The Culture Industry (2nd ed.)

Selected Essays on Mass Culture

Taylor and Francis (2020)
91,12 €

The creation of the Frankfurt School of critical theory in the 1920s saw the birth of some of the...

Mass Communication and American Social Thought: Key Texts, 1919-1968
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (2004)
77,02 €

This anthology of hard-to-find primary documents provides a solid overview of the foundations of...

Dream Notes
Wiley (2014)
40,99 €

"Dreams are as black as death." —Theodor W. Adorno Adorno was fascinated by his dreams and...

Current of Music
Wiley (2014)
25,99 €

Fleeing the Nazis, Theodor W. Adorno lived in New York City as a refugee from 1938 until 1941....

Letters to his Parents: 1939-1951
Wiley (2014)
15,99 €

'My dears: this is but a brief note to welcome you to the new world, where you are now no longer all...