Welcome to the eBooks.com Affiliate Program

You can earn revenue by simply linking to us from your website. The link can be a simple text link, a banner or links to titles of particular interest to your visitors. The eBooks.com Affiliate program will enhance your site and add value for your customers.

How does it work?

Join our program (click here) and place a link on your site. When a customer clicks on this link they are taken to the eBooks.com site. They will be directed to either the eBooks.com Home Page, or to the specific page at eBooks.com you have chosen. When the customer purchases a title from our site, the purchase is recorded by Commission Junction and as our affiliate you will receive a percentage of the customer's sale as a commission for directing them to us.

Who is Commission Junction and why are they hosting our affiliate program?

Commission Junction is a leader in affiliate marketing programs and provides affiliates with trusted third-party tracking, real-time reporting, and monthly commission checks for all of our affiliate accounts. Once you sign up for our program, you can go to Commission Junction's site to create your own personal and secure account. Here you can log in at any time to get our banners and links, find out about commissions earned, and learn about your statistics.

How do I join?

  • Enter your details on the sign-up page (click here).
  • After you register, Commission Junction will send you an email with your login password and instructions for getting started.
  • Log in to your account on Commission Junction and choose links to host on your site (more info on links below).
  • You can log in to your account on Commission Junction to check your impressions and click throughs.
  • Commission Junction will pay your affiliate fee once a month, to the account or address that you specify.

Why should I Join?

  • Generous commission rate
  • 45 day return tracking
  • Performance incentive
  • Wide range of affiliate tools
  • Real time tracking and reporting tool
  • Regular newsletter and affiliate optimization tips
  • Dedicated Affiliate Management Team
  • FREE to join!

What links can I use?

Link to individual ebooks

You can link to individual titles from all categories at eBooks.com. This adds value to your site as you can target books that will be of most interest to your visitors. We recommend that you display the cover image, author, publisher and summary information as well as the title, as these elements are eye-catching and can increase the length of a visitor's stay.

eBooks.com Banners

We have a series of banners that you can choose from that link to our home page or to certain subject pages. You can choose from white backgrounds or dark backgrounds, in animation, flash or static gif.

Text Links

Text links to specific subjects are a great way to add value to your site. You can link to any of our range of subjects and really target your links to your visitors.

Advanced HTML Links

We use dynamic links that enables you to create interaction beyond a simple click. You can tap our Search Tools, Dynamic links, Flash-compatible links, Content links and many more to improve conversion.


Our commission is incentive driven and works on a tiered system. The tiers are based on the amount of commission you have earned in US dollars during a month:

  • Up to $499 commission earnt = 8% commission
  • $500-$999 commission earnt = 10% commission
  • $1000-$1999 commission earnt = 12% commission
  • $2000+ commission earnt = 15% commission


If you have any queries about our program, please contact us via our contact form.