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3,57 €

Fix the past. Save the present. Stop the future. Master of science fiction Alastair Reynolds unfolds...

Revelation Space
8,42 €

The highly-acclaimed first novel in the Revelation Space universe—a debut that has redefined the...

Redemption Ark
8,42 €

Alastair Reynolds pushes the boundaries of science fiction and “confirms his place among the leaders...

Shadow Captain
Orion (2019)
10,90 €

'A swashbuckling thriller - Pirates of the Caribbean meets Firefly - that nevertheless combines the...

Poseidon's Wake
Orion (2015)
6,44 €

This novel is a stand-alone story which takes two extraordinary characters and follows them as they,...

Century Rain
8,42 €

An awe-inspiring novel from the award-winning author of the Revelation Space series... “ Century...

Absolution Gap
8,42 €

Alastair Reynolds continues his Revelation Space series with this “first-rate work of science...

Blue Remembered Earth
Orion (2012)
6,44 €

BLUE REMEMBERED EARTH is the first volume in a monumental trilogy tracing the Akinya family across...

On the Steel Breeze
Orion (2013)
4,45 €

A thousand years in the future, mankind's influence expands into the universe. Alastair Reynolds'...

Chasm City
8,42 €

Alastair Reynolds redefines Hell in this award-winning novel that confirms him as “the most exciting...