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Transfusion Medicine and Patient Safety
De Gruyter (2012)
34,95 €

Patient Safety emphasizes the reporting, analysis and prevention of medical errors that very often...

Geometry and Discrete Mathematics: A Selection of Highlights

Geometry and Discrete Mathematics

A Selection of Highlights

De Gruyter (2018)
39,95 €

This two-volume set collects and presents many fundamentals of mathematics in an enjoyable and...

Old English
De Gruyter (2017)
29,95 €

This series of books reprints articles from the successful English Historical Linguistics: An...

Scientific Computing: For Scientists and Engineers

Scientific Computing

For Scientists and Engineers

De Gruyter (2015)
19,95 €

Scientific Computing for Scientists and Engineers is designed to teach undergraduate students...

An Introduction to Abstract Algebra
De Gruyter (2008)
49,95 €

This is a high level introduction to abstract algebra which is aimed at readers whose interests lie...

Multivariable Calculus and Differential Geometry
De Gruyter (2015)
34,95 €

This book offers an introduction to differential geometry for the non-specialist. It includes most...

Getting Acquainted with Fractals
De Gruyter (2008)
129,95 €

The first instance of pre-computer fractals was noted by the French mathematician Gaston Julia. He...

De Gruyter (2008)
39,95 €

Representing an introduction to tensor analysis, this book introduces tensors in symbolic notation...

W. G. Sebald: History - Memory - Trauma

W. G. Sebald

History - Memory - Trauma

De Gruyter (2008)
99,95 €

The series publishes monographs and edited volumes that showcase significant scholarly work at the...