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Who I'm Not
11,06 €

A kid in trouble with the law assumes the identity of a boy who vanished three years before.

Dinosaurs on the Beach
5,59 €

Josie is sure that she has found tiny dinosaur footprints in stone, hundreds of millions of years...

4,69 €

The lyrical story of a young girl who shares a special celebration of the Chinese Moon Festival with...

The Unquiet past
9,29 €

In this paranormal YA thriller, Tess embarks on a quest to find out the truth about her parents and...

Bank Job
7,49 €

Thirteen-year old Nell and her friends are robbing banks to raise money for renovations in their...

Death Wind
7,49 €

When Allie fears she is pregnant, she leaves home with Razz, a skateboard champion. Returning home...

Ortona Street Fight
4,69 €

A dramatic account of Canada's first major triumph of World War II, the December 1943 battle for...

Stepping Stones: A Refugee Family's Journey

Stepping Stones

A Refugee Family's Journey

4,69 €

A refugee family’s flight to freedom, uniquely illustrated.

Adventures at Camp Lots-o-Fun
4,69 €

DJ's active imagination takes the boys in cabin six by surprise and makes for an adventurous...

Perfect Revenge
7,49 €

Stripped of her popularity, Lizzie is willing to do anything to exact her revenge. She's even...