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Hospitality Financial Accounting
Wiley (2008)
44,03 €

Updated with the latest developments in the accounting and hospitality fields, Hospitality...

Hospitality Management Accounting
Wiley (2006)
44,03 €

The success of every business in the hospitality industry depends on maximizing revenues and...

Accounting and Financial Management
48,14 €

Accounting and Financial Management: developments in the international hospitality industry ...

Hospitality Management Accounting
Wiley (2003)
92,11 €

As the hospitality industry continues to grow and the business environment become ever more...

Money Matters for Hospitality Managers
40,12 €

Unique in its approach, 'Money Matters for Hospitality Managers' is unlike other heavy theoretical...

Accounting Essentials for Hospitality Managers
51,58 €

For non-accountant hospitality managers, accounting and financial management is often perceived as...

Management Accounting for Hotels and Restaurants
194,93 €

The book gives practical instruction and guidance in the use of accounting for effective control and...