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Lillian Too's Little Book Of Feng Shui
3,46 €

Everyone wants to know Lillian's feng shui tips, since she is by far the most well known feng shui...

Lillian Too's Little Book Of Abundance
3,46 €

This exceptional little book tells you all you need to know to create abundance in every area of...

The Imperial Guide to Feng-Shui & Chinese Astrology - The Only Authentic Translation from the Original Chinese
9,51 €

Feng shui (the art of positioning) and Chinese astrology (the science of auspicious scheduling) have...

Some tables and images in this title are best viewed on a tablet. 48 sure ways to create magic in...

Take this ancient art a step further with Lillian Too’s beautiful guide to advanced Feng Shui and...

Looking Up, Looking Down: Guide to Classical Feng Shui
20,58 €

An easy-to-use guide to adapting feng shui in your home to improve your energy levels, your...

Feng Shui Guide: Plan Your Home, Improve Your Relationships, and Achieve Career Success

Feng Shui Guide

Plan Your Home, Improve Your Relationships, and Achieve Career Success

10,58 €

Plan your home, improve your relationships, and achieve career success with this easy to follow Feng...

An Introduction to Feng Shui
29,75 €

This book examines the origins and practices of Chinese Feng Shui as well as its recent Western...

Creating Abundance With Feng Shui
10,90 €

Creating abundance is more than just making money - abundance embraces all the wonderful things that...

Architect's Guide to Feng Shui
29,80 €

Cate Bramble has devoted her career to highlighting the differences between 'feng shui-lite' as a...