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Middleware for Communications
Wiley (2005)
98,99 €

A state-of-the-art guide to middleware technologies, and their pivotal role in communications...

Demystifying Embedded Systems Middleware: Understanding File Systems, Databases, Virtual Machines, Networking and More!

Demystifying Embedded Systems Middleware

Understanding File Systems, Databases, Virtual Machines, Networking and More!

Elsevier Science (2010)
71,34 €

This practical technical guide to embedded middleware implementation offers a coherent framework...

Open Client/Server Computing and Middleware
Elsevier Science (2014)
65,39 €

Open Client/Server Computing and Middleware provides a tutorial-oriented overview of open...

Middleware Management with Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control 10g R5 LITE
Packt Publishing (2011)
9,51 €

Written by senior members of the Oracle team, this book is a hands-on tutorial detailing Oracle...

Oracle Fusion Middleware Patterns
Packt Publishing (2010)
24,98 €

10 unique architecture patterns powered by Oracle Fusion Middleware in this book and eBook

Microsoft Enterprise Library 5.0
Packt Publishing (2010)
28,55 €

Develop Enterprise applications using reusable software components of Microsoft Enterprise Library...

Oracle GoldenGate 12c Implementer's Guide
Packt Publishing (2015)
47,59 €

The book is aimed at Oracle database administrators, project managers, and solution architects who...

Middleware for Network Eccentric and Mobile Applications
Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2009)
95,19 €

This textbook provides a comprehensive introduction to the main fundamental problems of concern to...

Semantic Management of Middleware
Springer US (2006)
142,79 €

Current middleware solutions, e.g., application servers and Web services, are very complex software...