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Software Maintenance: Concepts And Practice (second Edition)

Software Maintenance

Concepts And Practice (second Edition)

World Scientific Publishing Company (2003)
66,15 €

Software systems now invade every area of daily living. Yet, we still struggle to build systems we...

Software Evolution and Maintenance: A Practitioner's Approach
Wiley (2014)
91,99 €

Provides students and engineers with the fundamental developments and common practices of software...

System-level Test and Validation of Hardware/Software Systems
Springer London (2006)
107,09 €

New manufacturing technologies have made possible the integration of entire systems on a single...

Dynamic Binary Modification: Tools, Techniques and Applications

Dynamic Binary Modification

Tools, Techniques and Applications

Morgan & Claypool Publishers (2011)
32,01 €

Dynamic binary modification tools form a software layer between a running application and the...