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Making Sense of Mass Education
92,82 €

Making Sense of Mass Education provides an engaging and accessible analysis of traditional issues...

Making Humanities and Social Sciences Come Alive: Early Years and Primary Education
76,16 €

Prepares readers to become high-quality humanities and social sciences educators for early childhood...

Teaching Secondary Mathematics
60,69 €

A valuable resource for pre-service teachers who wish to integrate contemporary technology into...

Teaching and Digital Technologies: Big Issues and Critical Questions
59,50 €

This is an essential contemporary resource for pre-service and in-service teachers in local and...

Technologies for Children
48,79 €

Technologies for Children presents a comprehensive array of contextual examples for teaching design...

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education: An Introduction for the Teaching Profession

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education

An Introduction for the Teaching Profession

76,16 €

Prepares students for the different environments they will encounter when teaching Aboriginal and...

Assessment for Teaching
59,50 €

Grounded in contemporary, evidence-based research, Assessment for Teaching provides a comprehensive...

Learning and Teaching Primary Science
78,54 €

Brings teaching primary science to life, with dedicated chapters for chemistry, physics, biology and...

Play in the Early Years
65,45 €

This text examines social and institutional approaches to play, and explores strategies for...

Understanding Education: History, Politics and Practice
71,39 €

This short book provides an introduction to the study of education, outlining the dual purpose of...