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Righteous Dopefiend

This powerful study immerses the reader in the world of homelessness and drug addiction in the...

In Search of Respect: Selling Crack in El Barrio

In Search of Respect (2nd ed.)

Selling Crack in El Barrio

24,99 €

This new edition brings this study of inner-city life up to date.

Disaster Response and Recovery: Strategies and Tactics for Resilience

Disaster Response and Recovery (2nd ed.)

Strategies and Tactics for Resilience

Wiley (2015)
53,99 €

Provides an overview of the various types of disasters that may occur, the myriad of actors that are...

Profiling and Serial Crime: Theoretical and Practical Issues

Profiling and Serial Crime (3rd ed.)

Theoretical and Practical Issues

61,82 €

Profiling and Serial Crime examines the principles of behavioral profiling and then applies them to...

The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right

The Checklist Manifesto

How to Get Things Right

12,60 €

The New York Times bestselling author of Better and Complications reveals the surprising power of...

Scott's Fingerprint Mechanics
67,67 €

By Robert D. Olsen, Sr., United States Army Criminal Investigation Laboratory, Fort Gordon, Georgia....

The Bundy Murders: A Comprehensive History

The Bundy Murders

A Comprehensive History

Theodore Bundy was one of the more infamous, and flamboyant, American serial killers on record, and...

Crime and Nature
61,37 €

Crime and Nature , written by the always innovative and original Marcus Felson, is the first text to...

Criminology For Dummies
Wiley (2009)
13,99 €

Your thorough guide to comprehending and combating crime Are you fascinated by criminology,...

Global Outlaws: Crime, Money, and Power in the Contemporary World

Global Outlaws

Crime, Money, and Power in the Contemporary World

Carolyn Nordstrom explores the pathways of global crime in this stunning work of anthropology that...