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Short Stories in Italian: New Penguin Parallel Texts

Short Stories in Italian

New Penguin Parallel Texts

Penguin Books Ltd (1999)
8,49 €

This is an all new version of the popular PARALLEL TEXT series, containing eight pieces of...

Italian Made Simple: Revised and Updated
Crown/Archetype (2013)
14,73 €

Whether you are planning a romantic Italian getaway, packing a knapsack for your junior year...

iSpeak Italian Phrasebook: The Ultimate Audio + Visual Phrasebook for Your iPod

iSpeak Italian Phrasebook

The Ultimate Audio + Visual Phrasebook for Your iPod

McGraw-Hill Education (2007)
13,63 €

See it. Hear it. Speak it. Turn your iPod into a portable translator and put 1,500 Italian phrases...

Perfect Phrases in Italian for Confident Travel: The No Faux-Pas Phrasebook for the Perfect Trip
McGraw-Hill Education (2009)
16,84 €

More than your average phrasebook, this portable title shows you how to be a well-mannered visitor...

Italian English Bilingual Visual Dictionary
Dorling Kindersley Ltd (2015)
6,99 €

The DK Italian-English Bilingual Visual Dictionary introduces the vocabulary of the modern world...

La Bella Lingua: My Love Affair with Italian, the World's Most Enchanting Language

La Bella Lingua

My Love Affair with Italian, the World's Most Enchanting Language

Crown/Archetype (2009)
14,73 €

“Italians say that someone who acquires a new language ‘possesses’ it. In my case, Italian possesses...

Italian Stories: A Dual-Language Book

Italian Stories

A Dual-Language Book

Dover Publications (2012)
11,58 €

Eleven great stories in original Italian with vivid, accurate English translations on facing pages,...

Buchi neri nel mio bagno di schiuma ovvero l'enigma di Einstein
Springer Milan (2007)
12,99 €

"Le bolle stavano turbinando tutto intorno a me e massaggiavano il mio corpo ... Mentre me la godevo...

Dante and the Making of a Modern Author
Cambridge University Press (2008)
44,03 €

The first comprehensive study of Dante's evolving, transformative relationship to medieval ideas of...

Italian Short Stories
Penguin Books Ltd (1992)
9,49 €

This second volume of Italian Short Stories, with its parallel translations aims - as the first...