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Varieties of Constructive Mathematics
44,03 €

This is an introduction to, and survey of, the constructive approaches to pure mathematics.

Bounded Arithmetic, Propositional Logic and Complexity Theory
116,62 €

Discusses the deep connections between logic and complexity theory, and lists a number of intriguing...

Constructivism in Mathematics, Vol 2
65,39 €

Studies in Logic and the Foundations of Mathematics, Volume 123: Constructivism in Mathematics: An...

Apartness and Uniformity: A Constructive Development
118,99 €

This book presents a theory of apartness encompassing both point-set topology and the theory of...

Essays in Constructive Mathematics
103,52 €

He [Kronecker] was, in fact, attempting to describe and to initiate a new branch of mathematics,...

Constructive Negations and Paraconsistency
154,69 €

Here is an account of recent investigations into the two main concepts of negation developed in the...