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Functional Analysis for Probability and Stochastic Processes: An Introduction
57,12 €

This text is designed both for students of probability and stochastic processes, and for students of...

A Short Course on Banach Space Theory
35,70 €

This is a short course on Banach space theory applicable to many contemporary research arenas.

Fixed Point Theory and Applications
41,65 €

This book provides a clear exposition of the flourishing field of fixed point theory.

Functional Analysis: Introduction to Further Topics in Analysis

Functional Analysis

Introduction to Further Topics in Analysis

107,10 €

This is the fourth and final volume in the Princeton Lectures in Analysis, a series of textbooks...

Introduction to Hilbert Spaces with Applications
99,90 €

Building on the success of the two previous editions, Introduction to Hilbert Spaces with...

Elementary Functional Analysis
55,92 €

This concise text on functional analysis is gently written and covers a unique set of topics. It...

Completely Bounded Maps and Operator Algebras
101,15 €

This book, first published in 2003, is an indispensable introduction to the theory of operator...

Aspects of Sobolev-Type Inequalities
76,16 €

This book, first published in 2001, is a concise introduction to analysis on manifolds, covering...

Bioprocess Engineering Principles
77,29 €

This welcome new edition discusses bioprocess engineering from the perspective of biology students....

Isometries on Banach Spaces: function spaces
CRC Press (2002)
48,22 €

Fundamental to the study of any mathematical structure is an understanding of its symmetries. In the...