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Temporomandibular Disorders: A Problem-Based Approach
Wiley (2011)
46,99 €

A quick, systematic and logical approach to diagnosing and treating temporomandibular disorders...

Anesthesia Complications in the Dental Office
Wiley (2015)
70,99 €

Anesthetic complications, which range from simple annoyances to patient mortality,  are inevitable,...

Reversing Gum Disease Naturally: A Holistic Home Care Program

Reversing Gum Disease Naturally

A Holistic Home Care Program

Wiley (2003)
12,99 €

"Reversing Gum Disease Naturally presents techniques and information so that you can reverse already...

Clinical Endodontics: A Textbook
Thieme Medical Publishers (2007)
52,24 €

A new edition of a classic student text in Endodontics! As did the first edition, the second edition...

Strategies in Dental Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
CRC Press (1999)
77,79 €

This is a sequel to the acclaimed Principles in Dental Treatment Planning, dealing with dental...

Structured Oral Examination Practice for the Final FRCA

This is a revision text for the Structured Oral Examination for the Final FRCA exam. Including 14...

Toothwear: The ABC of the Worn Dentition


The ABC of the Worn Dentition

Farid Khan, William G. Young and 1 more...
Wiley (2011)
58,99 €

This is one of the first books to provide a clinically focussed account of the diagnosis, prevention...

Principles of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Wiley (2011)
47,99 €

First published over 40 years ago, this is one of the best-established introductory texts for...

Principles of Operative Dentistry
Wiley (2008)
50,99 €

Dental students are faced with an array of operative procedures; understanding and the development...