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A - Z of Haematology
Wiley (2008)
66,99 €

A–Z of Haematology provides an essential "quick reference guide" to definitions covering the entire...

Chronic Pain Management
Wiley (2006)
43,99 €

This book introduces the reader to the complexities and management of chronic/persistent pain....

Blood Cells: A Practical Guide

Blood Cells (4th ed.)

A Practical Guide

Wiley (2008)
118,99 €

Blood Cells has been written with both the practising haematologist and the trainee in mind. It...

Tietz's Applied Laboratory Medicine
Wiley (2007)
87,99 €

Using a problem-based approach, Tietz's Applied Laboratory Medicine, Second Edition presents...

The Fainting Phenomenon: Understanding Why People Faint and What to do about It

The Fainting Phenomenon (2nd ed.)

Understanding Why People Faint and What to do about It

Wiley (2008)
25,99 €

Fainting, the sudden and often unpredictable loss of consciousness, can be a frightening experience....

Diagnostic Criteria Handbook in Histopathology: A Surgical Pathology Vade Mecum
Wiley (2008)
99,99 €

This handbook is designed to help jobbing histopathologists jog their memory and get through more...

Syncope Cases
Wiley (2008)
76,99 €

This book presents a unique collection of clinical cases to help combat the difficulty of diagnosis...

Salivary Diagnostics
Wiley (2009)
164,99 €

Salivary Diagnostics surveys one of the most exciting areas of research in oral biology. Regarded...

The Hands-on Guide to Data Interpretation
Wiley (2010)
31,99 €

Not sure how to interpret the wealth of data in front of you? Do you lack confidence in applying...

Essential Medical Genetics
Wiley (2011)
42,99 €

Adopted at Cambridge University Essential Medical Genetics provides students, clinicians,...