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The TKT Course CLIL Module
Cambridge University Press (2010)
11,90 €

This is 'the' teacher training course for teachers and trainee teachers preparing for the Cambridge...

The Nuts and Bolts of College Writing
Hackett Publishing Company, Inc. (2013)
11,31 €

This "worthy successor to Strunk and White" now features an expanded style guide covering a wider...

Oxford IB Diploma Programme: English B Course Companion
OUP Oxford (2013)
42,85 €

Written by Kawther Saa'd AlDin and a team of experienced English B teachers, this text is used by...

Berlin Express Level 4 Intermediate
Cambridge University Press (2010)
5,95 €

Award-winning original fiction for learners of English. At seven levels, from Starter to Advanced,...

English Words: History and Structure

English Words (2nd ed.)

History and Structure

Cambridge University Press (2009)
35,70 €

A new edition of this textbook discusses the learned vocabulary of English - the words borrowed from...

English Around the World: An Introduction
Cambridge University Press (2010)
27,37 €

A lively and accessible introduction to world Englishes, setting a range of global varieties in...

Cambridge Checkpoint English Workbook 2
Hodder Education (2014)
9,38 €

Build confidence and understanding throughout the year with hundreds of additional practice...

Rules, Patterns and Words: Grammar and Lexis in English Language Teaching

Rules, Patterns and Words

Grammar and Lexis in English Language Teaching

Cambridge University Press (2003)
28,56 €

In an accessible style, the author demonstrates the link between grammar and vocabulary.

Because Writing Matters: Improving Student Writing in Our Schools

Because Writing Matters

Improving Student Writing in Our Schools

Wiley (2009)
13,99 €

This updated edition of the best-selling book Because Writing Matters reflects the most recent...

A Corpus-driven Study of Discourse Intonation: The Hong Kong Corpus of Spoken English (Prosodic)

A Corpus-driven Study of Discourse Intonation

The Hong Kong Corpus of Spoken English (Prosodic)

Winnie Cheng, Chris Greaves and 1 more...
John Benjamins Publishing Company (2008)
124,95 €

The book is the first to apply David Brazil’s Discourse Intonation systems (prominence, tone, key...