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This is a work that promotes a universal rule of law norm.

Comparative Law
38,08 €

The most up-to-date and contextualised offering for comparative law students and scholars,...

Copyright Law in an Age of Limitations and Exceptions
32,13 €

In this book, leading scholars analyze the important role played by copyright exceptions in economic...

Research Handbook on EU Administrative Law
63,13 €

Key chapters, written by leading experts across the field, engage with important ongoing debates in...

The Distinctiveness of Religion in American Law: Rethinking Religion Clause Jurisprudence

The Distinctiveness of Religion in American Law

Rethinking Religion Clause Jurisprudence

28,56 €

In light of recent Supreme Court decisions, this book defends traditional religious protections...

Comparative Criminal Procedure
42,09 €

This Handbook presents innovative research that compares different criminal procedure systems by...

Conceptualising Property Law: Integrating Common Law and Civil Law Traditions

Conceptualising Property Law

Integrating Common Law and Civil Law Traditions

42,09 €

Conceptualising Property Law offers a transsystemic and integrated approach to common law and civil...

The Internationalisation of Legal Education: The Future Practice of Law
42,09 €

‘This is a fascinating collection of essays on how the world of legal education is responding...

Minority Shareholders' Remedies
30,94 €

In this book the state of English company law on minority shareholders' remedies is analysed...

Value Added Tax: A Comparative Approach

Value Added Tax

A Comparative Approach

42,84 €

This book integrates legal, economic, and administrative materials about value added tax.