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Ethics in International Arbitration
OUP Oxford (2014)
66,50 €

This book provides a framework for developing formal ethical rules and a reliable enforcement regime...

Ordinary Injustice: How America Holds Court

Ordinary Injustice

How America Holds Court

16,31 €

"A groundbreaking book . . . revealing the systemic, everyday problems in our courts that must be...

Inside Lawyers' Ethics
70,21 €

Inside Lawyers' Ethics offers a practical examination of the moral and ethical dilemmas that legal...

The Innocent Man
Random House (2010)
8,42 €

__________________ ***NOW A MAJOR NETFLIX SERIES*** A gripping true-crime story of a shocking...

Traitors of the Tower
Random House (2010)
3,46 €

More than four hundred years ago, seven people were beheaded in the Tower of London. Three had been...

Inside Lawyers' Ethics
61,88 €

This book is designed to help law students and new lawyers understand and modify their own ethical...

5,24 €

In spite of the numerous ethical discussions in his other writings, Mill's sole contribution to the...

Ethics and Law for Australian Nurses
54,74 €

Ethics and Law for Australian Nurses is an integrated textbook that explores the legal and ethical...

Legal Ethics in Child Custody and Dependency Proceedings: A Guide for Judges and Lawyers
34,51 €

This 2006 book establishes ethical guidelines for legal conduct in child custody and dependency...

The Decline of the Death Penalty and the Discovery of Innocence
23,80 €

This book examines the possible end of capital punishment due to new discoveries of innocence.