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Penguin Publishing Group (1999)
4,32 €

Before there was Game of Thrones , there was Beowulf ...   SONG OF BATTLE AND KINGS   ...

William Shakespeare: The Complete Works
OUP Oxford (2005)
19,08 €

A compact edition of the complete works of William Shakespeare. It combines impeccable scholarship...

Oedipus the King
Oxford University Press (1978)
6,47 €

In this highly acclaimed translation of Sophocles' Oedipus the King , Stephen Berg (a distinguished...

As You Like It
The Floating Press (2008)
4,26 €

As You Like It is truly one of Shakespeare's greatest romantic comedies. The heroine, Rosalind...

Gulliver's Travels Graphic Novel Study Guide
Saddleback Educational Publishing (2008)
13,98 €

These literary masterpieces are made easy and interesting. This series features classic tales retold...

A Necessary Luxury: Tea in Victorian England

A Necessary Luxury

Tea in Victorian England

Ohio University Press (2008)
32,37 €

Tea drinking in Victorian England was a pervasive activity that, when seen through the lens of a...

As You Like It
Random House Publishing Group (2009)
5,40 €

This wisely funny comedy, which contains some of Shakespeare’s loveliest poetry, contrasts a court’s...

Fog a Dox
Magabala Books (2013)
8,32 €

Albert Cutts is a tree feller. A fella who cuts down trees. Fog is a fox cub raised by a dingo....

A New Critical History of Old English Literature
NYU Press (1996)
19,76 €

Anglo-Saxon prose and poetry is, without question, the major literary achievement of the early...

A Midsummer Night's Dream
The Floating Press (2008)
4,26 €

Midsummer Night's Dream is Shakespeare's classic tale of two couples who can't quite...