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Decoding Theory of Knowledge for the IB Diploma: Themes, Skills and Assessment
Cambridge University Press (2013)
16,66 €

Written by experienced practitioners, resources for Theory of Knowledge for the IB Diploma offer...

How to Think About Algorithms
Cambridge University Press (2008)
39,27 €

Textbook that teaches students how to think about algorithms like an expert, without getting bogged...

An Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning: Numbers, Sets and Functions
Cambridge University Press (1997)
32,13 €

The purpose of this book is to introduce the basic ideas of mathematical proof and reasoning to...

Informal Logic: A Pragmatic Approach

Informal Logic (2nd ed.)

A Pragmatic Approach

Cambridge University Press (2008)
28,56 €

Second edition of the introductory guidebook to the basic principles of constructing sound arguments...

Deductive Logic
Hackett Publishing Company, Inc. (2003)
32,42 €

This text provides a straightforward, lively but rigorous, introduction to truth-functional and...

The Uses of Argument
Cambridge University Press (2003)
27,37 €

This book has been an enduring source of inspiration and discussion for more than forty years.

Fundamentals of Critical Argumentation
Cambridge University Press (2005)
32,13 €

This book presents the basic tools for the identification, analysis, and evaluation of common...

Arguing Well
Taylor and Francis (2000)
21,10 €

Arguing Well is a lucid introduction to the nature of good reasoning, how to test and construct...

The Logic of Scientific Discovery
Taylor and Francis (2002)
21,10 €

Described by the philosopher A.J. Ayer as a work of 'great originality and power', this book...

Alan M. Turing: Centenary Edition

Alan M. Turing

Centenary Edition

Sara Turing, Martin Davis and 2 more...
Cambridge University Press (2012)
10,71 €

Containing never-before-published material, this fascinating account sheds new light on one of the...