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Optimization Models
58,31 €

This accessible textbook demonstrates how to recognize, simplify, model and solve optimization...

Predictive Control for Linear and Hybrid Systems
55,93 €

With a simple approach that includes real-time applications and algorithms, this book covers the...

Mechanism Design: A Linear Programming Approach

Mechanism Design

A Linear Programming Approach

23,80 €

This book provides an account of the underlying mathematics of mechanism design based on linear...

Mathematica Navigator: Mathematics, Statistics and Graphics

Mathematica Navigator (3rd ed.)

Mathematics, Statistics and Graphics

70,15 €

Ruskeepaa gives a general introduction to the most recent versions of Mathematica, the symbolic...

A First Course in Combinatorial Optimization
40,46 €

This self-contained beginning graduate text covers linear and integer programming, polytopes,...

Convex Optimization of Power Systems
82,11 €

A mathematically rigorous guide to convex optimization for power systems engineering.

Modelling Mortality with Actuarial Applications
59,50 €

Modern mortality modelling for actuaries and actuarial students, with example R code, to unlock the...

QuickTime for .NET and COM Developers
78,48 €

At the heart of Apple's hugely popular iLife software suite—iMovie, iPhoto, iDVD, GarageBand, and...

Essentials of Lean Six Sigma
51,11 €

Six Sigma is a management program that provides tools that help manufacturers obtain efficient,...

Graph Algorithms
27,37 €

This thoroughly revised second edition of Shimon Even's Graph Algorithms explains algorithms...