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Relativity Made Relatively Easy
OUP Oxford (2012)
37,88 €

This book unfolds the subject of Relativity for undergraduate students of physics. It fills a gap...

Subtle is the Lord: The Science and the Life of Albert Einstein

Subtle is the Lord

The Science and the Life of Albert Einstein

OUP Oxford (1982)
23,14 €

Subtle is the Lord is recognized as the definitive scientific biography of Albert Einstein, written...

The Man Who Changed Everything: The Life of James Clerk Maxwell

The Man Who Changed Everything

The Life of James Clerk Maxwell

Wiley (2005)
8,99 €

This is the first biography in twenty years of James Clerk Maxwell, one of the greatest scientists...

Einstein and Religion: Physics and Theology

Einstein and Religion

Physics and Theology

41,64 €

The philosophy of religion and the quest for spiritual truth preoccupied Albert Einstein--so much...

A Student's Guide to Einstein's Major Papers
OUP Oxford (2012)
35,02 €

In 1905 Albert Einstein produced breakthrough work in three major areas of physics (atoms and...

Albert Einstein: Gentle Genius
10,51 €

Albert Einstein is probably the most influential scientist and greatest physicist of the twentieth...

The Detonation Phenomenon
58,31 €

This book introduces the detonation phenomenon for engineers with a background in thermodynamics and...

J. Robert Oppenheimer: A Life
23,14 €

Pais introduces us to a precocious youth who sped through Harvard in three years, made signal...

J.J. Thompson And The Discovery Of The Electron
CRC Press (1997)
39,04 €

This historical survey of the discovery of the electron has been published to coincide with the...

The Clockwork Universe: saac Newto, Royal Society, and the Birth of the Modern WorldI

The Clockwork Universe

saac Newto, Royal Society, and the Birth of the Modern WorldI

HarperCollins (2011)
13,43 €

New York Times bestselling author Edward Dolnick brings to light the true story of one of the most...