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Network Flow Algorithms
Cambridge University Press (2019)
42,84 €

Offers an up-to-date, unified treatment of combinatorial algorithms to solve network flow problems...

Algorithmic Puzzles
Oxford University Press (2011)
21,49 €

Algorithmic puzzles are puzzles involving well-defined procedures for solving problems. This book...

Probability and Computing: Randomization and Probabilistic Techniques in Algorithms and Data Analysis

Probability and Computing (2nd ed.)

Randomization and Probabilistic Techniques in Algorithms and Data Analysis

Cambridge University Press (2017)
51,17 €

This greatly expanded new edition offers a comprehensive introduction to randomization and...

Beginning Database Design: From Novice to Professional

Beginning Database Design (2nd ed.)

From Novice to Professional

Apress (2012)
29,99 €

Beginning Database Design, Second Edition provides short, easy-to-read explanations of how to get...

Data Structures and Algorithms Using C#
Cambridge University Press (2007)
44,03 €

First comprehensive tutorial and reference for C# implementation of data structures and algorithms.

Purely Functional Data Structures
Cambridge University Press (1998)
41,65 €

This book describes data structures and data structure design techniques for functional languages.

Networks, Crowds, and Markets: Reasoning about a Highly Connected World

Networks, Crowds, and Markets

Reasoning about a Highly Connected World

Cambridge University Press (2010)
53,55 €

Reveals the interdisciplinary field of networks, which changes how we look at social, financial and...

Algorithmic Game Theory
Cambridge University Press (2007)
54,74 €

This book, first published in 2007, covers algorithmic game theory, with contributions from all the ...

Data Structures Demystified
McGraw-Hill Education (2004)
23,59 €

Whether you are an entry-level or seasoned designer or programmer, learn all about data structures...

How to Think About Algorithms
Cambridge University Press (2008)
39,27 €

Textbook that teaches students how to think about algorithms like an expert, without getting bogged...