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Researching Children's Experience: Approaches and Methods
SAGE Publications (2005)
37,10 €

`Strongly recommended as it provides a very useful overview of a range of methods, mainly textual,...

Psychology for Musicians: Understanding and Acquiring the Skills

Psychology for Musicians

Understanding and Acquiring the Skills

Oxford University Press (2007)
25,29 €

What is it that accounts for the differences between musical beginners, advanced music makers, and...

Practical Multivariate Analysis
CRC Press (2011)
69,57 €

This new version of the bestselling Computer-Aided Multivariate Analysis has been appropriately...

A Handbook of Process Tracing Methods: 2nd Edition
Taylor and Francis (2019)
49,69 €

A Handbook of Process Tracing Methods demonstrates how to better understand decision outcomes by...

Successful Qualitative Research: A Practical Guide for Beginners
SAGE Publications (2013)
34,45 €

This accessible, practical 'how to' guide provides students with a step-by-step toolkit of the why,...

Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis: Theory, Method and Research

Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis

Theory, Method and Research

SAGE Publications (2009)
34,45 €

Interpretative phenomenological analysis is an increasingly popular approach to qualitative inquiry....

Statistics Using Stata: An Integrative Approach
Cambridge University Press (2016)
59,50 €

Engaging and accessible, this comprehensive introduction to statistics integrates Stata commands...

Doing Q Methodological Research: Theory, Method & Interpretation

Doing Q Methodological Research

Theory, Method & Interpretation

SAGE Publications (2012)
31,80 €

A thorough and intelligent intro to the theory and method of Q from big name authors in a market...

Building Experiments in PsychoPy
SAGE Publications (2018)
34,45 €

Written by Jonathan Peirce, the original creator of PsychoPy, and Michael MacAskill, this textbook...

Q Methodology
SAGE Publications (2013)
18,98 €

Direct, well-organized, and easy to follow, Q Methodology, Second Edition , by Bruce McKeown and...