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The Torchlight List: Around the World in 200 Books

The Torchlight List

Around the World in 200 Books

Awa Press (2010)
12,90 €

A brilliant road map for discovering history, science, civilization, and the human condition, this...

Plutarch's Lives, Volume 2
Random House Publishing Group (2011)
16,58 €

Plutarch's Lives, written at the beginning of the second century A.D., is a brilliant social history...

Bibliographical Analysis: A Historical Introduction

Bibliographical Analysis

A Historical Introduction

Cambridge University Press (2009)
22,61 €

The most concise and accessible introduction available to bibliographical research and to the...

A Bibliography of Salon Criticism in Paris from the July Monarchy to the Second Republic, 1831–1851: Volume 2
Cambridge University Press (1991)
33,32 €

This bibliography provides a source for reviews of the state-sponsored Parisian exhibitions of...

A History of the Theory of Investments: My Annotated Bibliography
Wiley (2006)
68,99 €

"This exceptional book provides valuable insights into the evolution of financial economics from the...

The Vince Flynn Encyclopedia
Atria Books (2015)
0,00 €

Everything you need to know about Vince Flynn's #1 New York Times bestselling Mitch Rapp series! ...

Who's Who in the Roman World
Taylor and Francis (2000)
19,69 €

Who's Who in the Roman World is a wide-ranging biographical survey of one of the greatest...

Opera: A Research and Information Guide


A Research and Information Guide

Taylor and Francis (2001)
44,03 €

Opera is the only guide to the research writings on all aspects of opera. This second edition...

Aaron Copland: A Guide to Research
Taylor and Francis (2001)
44,03 €

Aaron Copland (1900-1990) is generally considered the most popular and well-known composer of...

The War of 1812: An Annotated Bibliography

The War of 1812

An Annotated Bibliography

John R. Grodzinski’s volume in the Routledge Research Guides to American Military Studies covers...