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Alcohol Problems in the Community
Taylor and Francis (1995)
46,41 €

Community surveys reveal that about 6% of the adult male and 1% of the adult female population in...

Peacekeeping and the UN Agencies
Taylor and Francis (2013)
45,27 €

This book is a long overdue assessment of the role of the UN specialized Agencies in peacekeeping...

Drink and British Politics Since 1830: A Study in Policy Making
Palgrave Macmillan (2003)
119,88 €

The issue of alcohol has never been far from British politics. Initially, governments needed to...

Constructing the Stable State: Goals for Intervention and Peacebuilding: Goals for Intervention and Peacebuilding
ABC-CLIO (2002)
97,58 €

The United States and the international community intervened in a number of internal conflicts...

Humanitarian Crises and International Relations (1959-2013)
Bentham Science Publishers (2014)
52,87 €

Humanitarian Crises and International Relations (1959-2013) presents a brief study of the relations...