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Materials Science: An Intermediate Text

Materials Science

An Intermediate Text

Cambridge University Press (2006)
42,84 €

An exciting textbook, suitable for intermediate to advanced courses in materials science.

Engineering Dynamics
Cambridge University Press (2007)
77,35 €

A modern vector oriented treatment of classical dynamics and its application to engineering...

Structural Impact
Cambridge University Press (2011)
111,86 €

Structural Impact discusses behaviour of structures and components subjected to large dynamic,...

Graphene: Carbon in Two Dimensions


Carbon in Two Dimensions

Cambridge University Press (2012)
67,83 €

An important introduction to graphene, its physics and potentially significant applications, for...

Fatigue of Materials
Cambridge University Press (1998)
72,59 €

Second edition of successful materials science text for final year undergraduate and graduate...

Prestressed Concrete Design
CRC Press (1998)
117,26 €

Prestressed concrete is widely used in the construction industry in buildings, bridges, and other...

Physical Properties Of Carbon Nanotubes
World Scientific Publishing Company (1998)
31,17 €

This is an introductory textbook for graduate students and researchers from various fields of...

Mechanics of Composite Structures
Cambridge University Press (2003)
55,93 €

This book offers students and engineers tools for designing practical composite structures.

Theory of Vortex Sound
Cambridge University Press (2002)
46,41 €

The book is an introduction to theory of sound generation by fluid flow.

Introduction to Conventional Transmission Electron Microscopy
Cambridge University Press (2003)
97,58 €

A graduate level textbook covering the fundamentals of conventional transmission electron...