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Crystals, Defects and Microstructures: Modeling Across Scales
Cambridge University Press (2001)
86,87 €

Examines the advances made in the field in recent years and looks at the various methods now used;...

Structure and Bonding in Crystalline Materials
Cambridge University Press (2001)
80,92 €

A graduate level textbook for materials scientists that describes the established principles of...

Simulating the Physical World: Hierarchical Modeling from Quantum Mechanics to Fluid Dynamics

Simulating the Physical World

Hierarchical Modeling from Quantum Mechanics to Fluid Dynamics

Cambridge University Press (2007)
79,73 €

From quantum mechanics to fluid dynamics, this 2007 book systematically treats the broad scope of...

Two-Phase Flow, Boiling, and Condensation: In Conventional and Miniature Systems
Cambridge University Press (2007)
55,93 €

The book provides a balanced coverage of two-phase flow and phase change fundamentals.

Impact Mechanics
Cambridge University Press (2000)
52,36 €

A new approach to analysing the dynamic response of structures to low-speed impact.

Metal Forming: Mechanics and Metallurgy

Metal Forming (4th ed.)

Mechanics and Metallurgy

Cambridge University Press (2011)
44,03 €

This book covers metal forming principles and the analysis of forming problems - from the mechanics...

Principles of Condensed Matter Physics
Cambridge University Press (2000)
70,21 €

This successful and widely-reviewed book covering the physics of condensed matter systems is now...

Nanostructures and Nanotechnology
Cambridge University Press (2015)
61,88 €

A carefully developed textbook focusing on the fundamental principles of nanoscale science and...

Electrical Properties of Materials
Oxford University Press (2009)
24,72 €

An informal and highly accessible writing style, a simple treatment of mathematics, and clear guide...

Biomaterials Science: An Introduction to Materials in Medicine

Biomaterials Science (2nd ed.)

An Introduction to Materials in Medicine

Elsevier Science (2004)
103,47 €

The second edition of this bestselling title provides the most up-to-date comprehensive review of...