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Light-Emitting Diodes
79,73 €

A revised second edition, dedicated to the technology and physics of LEDs. Suitable for scientists,...

A Student's Guide to Atomic Physics
19,04 €

A concise overview of the fundamental concepts and applications of atomic physics for students...

Optical Measurements for Scientists and Engineers: A Practical Guide
76,16 €

An accessible, introductory text explaining how to select, set up and use optical spectroscopy and...

Introduction to Neuroimaging Analysis
OUP Oxford (2017)
28,64 €

This accessible primer gives an introduction to the wide array of MRI-based neuroimaging methods...

Fundamentals of Photonic Crystal Guiding
101,15 €

A systematic, rigorous, pedagogical introduction to the field of photonic crystals, ideal for...

Silicon Photonics Design: From Devices to Systems
97,58 €

This hands-on introduction to silicon photonics engineering equips students with everything they...

Quantum Mechanics for Scientists and Engineers
80,92 €

Relates the core principles of quantum mechanics to practical applications in engineering, physics,...

Quantum Transport: Atom to Transistor

Quantum Transport

Atom to Transistor

57,12 €

This book presents the atomistic theory of matter related to current flow. MATLAB code and...

Field Guide to Geometrical Optics
SPIE (2004)
38,09 €

This Field Guide derives from the treatment of geometrical optics that has evolved from both the...

Electronic and Optoelectronic Properties of Semiconductor Structures
60,69 €

An introduction, for graduate students, to the underlying physics behind devices that drive today's...