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Polarons and Bipolarons in High-Tc Superconductors and Related Materials
Cambridge University Press (2005)
42,84 €

This book presents the polaron and bipolaron theory of high-temperature superconductivity.

After the Breakthrough: The Emergence of High-Temperature Superconductivity as a Research Field

After the Breakthrough

The Emergence of High-Temperature Superconductivity as a Research Field

Cambridge University Press (2002)
33,32 €

Short book on the history and sociology of science surrounding the discovery of high-temperature...

Photoemission Studies of High-Temperature Superconductors
Cambridge University Press (1999)
73,78 €

This book describes important topics in high-temperature superconductivity; for graduate students...

High Temperature Superconductor Bulk Materials: Fundamentals, Processing, Properties Control, Application Aspects

High Temperature Superconductor Bulk Materials

Fundamentals, Processing, Properties Control, Application Aspects

Gernot Krabbes, Günter Fuchs and 3 more...
Wiley (2006)
151,99 €

With its comprehensive review of the current knowledge and the future requirements in the field,...

Superconductivity: Fundamentals and Applications

Superconductivity (2nd ed.)

Fundamentals and Applications

Wiley (2008)
115,99 €

This well-respected and established standard work, which has been successful for over three decades,...

RF Superconductivity: Science, Technology, and Applications

RF Superconductivity

Science, Technology, and Applications

Wiley (2009)
205,99 €

This is the second book to RF Superconducting, written by one of the leading experts. The book...

Applications of High Temperature Superconductors to Electric Power Equipment
Wiley (2011)
97,99 €

The only one-stop reference to design, analysis, and manufacturing concepts for power devices...

One-Dimensional Superconductivity in Nanowires
Wiley (2013)
97,99 €

The book introduces scientists and graduate students to superconductivity, and highlights the...

Applied Superconductivity: Handbook on Devices and Applications

Applied Superconductivity

Handbook on Devices and Applications

Wiley (2015)
466,99 €

This wide-ranging presentation of applied superconductivity, from fundamentals and materials right...

Mechanisms of Conventional and High Tc Superconductivity
Oxford University Press (1993)
50,80 €

Superconductivity has become one of the most intensely studied physical phenomena of our times, with...