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Concise Encyclopedia of Magnetic and Superconducting Materials
Elsevier Science (2005)
392,70 €

Magnetic and superconducting materials pervade every avenue of the technological world – from...

Recent Advances in Laser Processing of Materials
Elsevier Science (2006)
196,35 €

Laser materials interaction and processing is an established and growing field within the materials...

Elsevier Science (2004)
255,85 €

The arrival of the ‘information age’ took most people by surprise – including scientists and...

Germanium-Based Technologies: From Materials to Devices
Elsevier Science (2011)
177,31 €

Germanium is a semiconductor material that formed the basis for the development of transistor...

Models of Itinerant Ordering in Crystals: An Introduction
Elsevier Science (2010)
226,10 €

Models of Itinerant Ordering in Crystals  is devoted to the mathematical description of interesting...

Conducting Organic Materials and Devices
Elsevier Science (2011)
238,00 €

Conducting polymers were discovered in 1970s in Japan. Since this discovery, there has been a steady...

Elsevier Science (2010)
124,95 €

Superconductivity, 2E is an encyclopedic treatment of all aspects of the subject, from classic...

High-Temperature Superconducting Materials Science and Engineering: New Concepts and Technology
Elsevier Science (1995)
65,39 €

This book explores the fascinating field of high-temperature superconductivity. Basic...

Processing and Properties of Compound Semiconductors
Elsevier Science (2001)
238,00 €

Since its inception in 1966, the series of numbered volumes known as Semiconductors and Semimetals ...

Effect of Disorder and Defects in Ion-Implanted Semiconductors: Optical and Photothermal Characterization
Elsevier Science (1997)
226,10 €

Defects in ion-implanted semiconductors are important and will likely gain increased importance as...