Flagging Patriotism

Crises of Narcissism and Anti-Americanism

by Robert Stam

They hate us because they hate our freedoms,' George Bush keeps telling us. But if you're becoming a little suspicious that Bush doth protest too much, especially as his own administration has done more than any terrorists to take away 'our freedoms,' this is the book for you. A triangulation in the best sense between French and Brazilian and American exceptionalist skews on the United States, this book bores into the conundra of Anti-Americanism and American patriotism. It holds France and Brazil up as a mirror to the self-conceit of American officialdom. Comprehending anti-Americanism while rejecting it as decisively as it rejects American exceptionalism, Flagging Patriotism points toward a new, transnational patriotism. Easily the most thoughtful book on the subject, it packs accessible analysis alongside gut common sense and is excitingly and exquisitely written.

  • CRC Press; December 2006
  • ISBN: 9780203942567
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  • Title: Flagging Patriotism
  • Author: Robert Stam
  • Imprint: Routledge