Religion, Reform, and Women's Writing in Early Modern England

by Kimberly Anne Coles

Long considered marginal in early modern culture, women writers were actually central to the development of a Protestant literary tradition in England. Kimberly Anne Coles explores their contribution to this tradition through thorough archival research in publication history and book circulation; the interaction of women's texts with those written by men; and the traceable influence of women's writing upon other contemporary literary works. Focusing primarily upon Katherine Parr, Anne Askew, Mary Sidney Herbert, and Anne Vaughan Lok, Coles argues that the writings of these women were among the most popular and influential works of sixteenth-century England. This book is full of prevalent material and fresh analysis for scholars of early modern literature, culture and religious history.

  • Cambridge University Press; January 2008
  • ISBN: 9780511389016
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  • Title: Religion, Reform, and Women's Writing in Early Modern England
  • Author: Kimberly Anne Coles
  • Imprint: Cambridge University Press

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Review of the hardback: 'Coles's innovative arguments are forcefully articulated and developed with attention to a variety of forms of evidence ranging from close reading of passages to analysis of publication histories. This book represents an important addition to a by now well-established scholarly conversation concerning early modern women's writings.' Nancy Bradley Warren, The Journal of British Studies