The Prince

by Niccolo Machiavelli, W. K. Marriott

Il Principe (The Prince) is the famous text by Florentine public servant Niccolo Machiavelli, in which he outlines the best strategy by which a prince can acquire, maintain and protect his state. Published posthumously, the text departs from his previous works, but is that for which he is remembered, and which has produced the adjective "Machiavellian". Machiavelli directives for maintaining a secure state are direct and at times brutal, taking the view that the ends justify the means.

  • The Floating Press; January 1908
  • ISBN: 9781775563839
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  • Title: The Prince
  • Author: Niccolo Machiavelli; W. K. Marriott (trans.)
  • Imprint: The Floating Press