The Rump Parliament 1648–53


The Rump Parliament was brought to power in 1648 by Pride's Purge and forcibly dissolved by Oliver Cromwell in 1653. This book is a detailed account of the intervening years. Dr Worden concentrates particularly on the Rump's policies in the contentious fields of legal, religious and electoral reform; its attempts to live down its revolutionary origins, to disown its more radical supporters, to conciliate those Puritans alienated by the purge and the King's death, and to re-create the Roundhead party of the 1640s. He examines the Rump's struggles for survival in the face of the Royalist threat between 1649 and 1651, and its fatal quarrel with the Cromwellian army thereafter. A concluding chapter deals with the Rump's forcible dissolution. This novel and challenging interpretation of the most dramatic phase of the English Revolution will interest all specialists in seventeenth-century political and constitutional history.
  • Cambridge University Press; May 1977
  • ISBN: 9780511864544
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  • Title: The Rump Parliament 1648–53
  • Author: Blair Worden
  • Imprint: Cambridge University Press

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'This, then, is political history at its best – anchored in reality, fascinated by men's motives and doings in affairs, marching surrender to either antiquarianism or pattern-making. To his other virtues as an historian Dr Worden adds high skill as a writer. He can even jest without destroying the atmosphere of the scene, a rare gift. If the book owes its enduring virtues to the author's determination to tell it as it was and to his wilingness to abide by the limitations of the evidence, it should also be recognised that without the deployment of a powerful and disciplined historical imagination Dr Worden would, on such a subject, have written the kind of worthy dull book with which readers of history are only too familiar. As it is, he has written one to fascinate and captivate.' Geoffrey Elton, The Spectator