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Six Tudor Queens: Jane Seymour, The Haunted Queen: Six Tudor Queens 3
Headline (2018)

'This brilliant book is a bombshell! Jane Seymour the shy mouse type? Think again!' Kate Williams ...

The Unhappiest Lady in Christendom
Headline (2018)

The Unhappiest Lady in Christendom by historian Alison Weir is a captivating e-short and companion...

Six Tudor Queens: Anna of Kleve, Queen of Secrets: Six Tudor Queens 4
Headline (2019)

'Alison Weir transforms Henry VIII's much-maligned fourth wife into a woman of passion, courage and...

Six Tudor Queens: Katheryn Howard, The Tainted Queen: Six Tudor Queens 5
Headline (2020)

'This six-book series looks likely to become a landmark in historical fiction' The Times ...

Traitors of the Tower
Random House (2010)

More than four hundred years ago, seven people were beheaded in the Tower of London. Three had been...

Eleanor Of Aquitaine: By the Wrath of God, Queen of England

Eleanor Of Aquitaine

By the Wrath of God, Queen of England

Random House (2011)

Eleanor, Duchess of Aquitaine was one of the leading personalities of the Middle Ages and also one...

The Six Wives of Henry VIII
Random House (2011)

One of the most powerful monarchs in British history, Henry VIII ruled England in unprecedented...

The Princes In The Tower
Random House (2011)

The story of the death, in sinister circumstances, of the boy-king Edward V and his younger brother...

Elizabeth, the Queen
Random House (2011)

Elizabeth the Queen begins as the young Elizabeth ascends the throne in the wake of her sister...

The Lady In The Tower: The Fall of Anne Boleyn (Queen of England Series)

The Lady In The Tower

The Fall of Anne Boleyn (Queen of England Series)

Random House (2011)

On 2 May, 1536, in an act unprecedented in English history, Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII's second wife,...