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Better than Human: The Promise and Perils of Enhancing Ourselves

Better than Human

The Promise and Perils of Enhancing Ourselves

Oxford University Press (2011)

In Better than Human , noted bioethicist Allen Buchanan grapples with the ethical dilemmas of the...

Justice and Health Care: Selected Essays
Oxford University Press (2009)

This book brings together ten influential essays on justice and healthcare, written by a major...

Human Rights, Legitimacy, and the Use of Force
Oxford University Press (2010)

This volume collects Allen Buchanan's previously published articles with a focus on ethics and...

The Heart of Human Rights
Oxford University Press (2013)

This book is the first in-depth attempt to provide a moral assessment of the heart of the modern...

Institutionalizing the Just War
Oxford University Press (2018)

Institutionalizing the Just War provides a new approach to theorizing the morality of war and...

States, Nations and Borders: The Ethics of Making Boundaries

States, Nations and Borders

The Ethics of Making Boundaries

Cambridge University Press (2003)

This volume examines the views of seven prominent ethical traditions on the making and unmaking of...

The Evolution of Moral Progress: A Biocultural Theory
Oxford University Press (2018)

Steven Pinker has said that one of the most important questions humans can ask of themselves is...

Secession and Self-Determination: NOMOS XLV

The many questions that surround movements for secession and self-determination are both practically...

From Chance to Choice: Genetics and Justice

From Chance to Choice

Genetics and Justice

Allen Buchanan, Dan W. Brock and 2 more...
Cambridge University Press (2001)

A treatment of the fundamental ethical issues underlying the application of genetic technologies to...

The Kindness of Strangers: Philanthropy and Higher Education

The Kindness of Strangers

Philanthropy and Higher Education

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (2005)

In The Kindness of Strangers, Deni Elliott examines ethically questionable situations that have...