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The Corporate Objective
Edward Elgar Publishing (2011)

The Corporate Objective addresses a question that has been subject to much debate: what should be...

Company Directors' Responsibilities to Creditors
Taylor and Francis (2006)

This timely work is the first to comprehensively examine directors' responsibilities to creditors in...

European Insolvency Law: Reform and Harmonization

European Insolvency Law

Reform and Harmonization

Gerard McCormack, Andrew Keay and 1 more...
Edward Elgar Publishing (2017)

Critically analysing the substantive law of insolvency in the EU countries as a whole, this book...

The Enlightened Shareholder Value Principle and Corporate Governance
Taylor and Francis (2012)

The enlightened shareholder value principle (ESV) was formulated during the comprehensive review of...

Board Accountability in Corporate Governance
Taylor and Francis (2015)

Within corporate governance the accountability of the board of directors is identified as a major...