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Auschwitz: The Nazi Solution


The Nazi Solution

Pen and Sword (2015)

The camps at Auschwitz-Birkenau were an important part of the Nazis' final solution to the...

Cherbourg: Battleground WW2


Battleground WW2

Pen and Sword (2004)

Following the landings in Normandy, one of the Allies main concerns was how to supply the expanding...

Battle of the Bulge
Pen and Sword (2005)

Hitler's desperate last throw during the depths of winter 1944/45 came perilously close to being...

The Peninsular War: A Battlefield Guide

The Peninsular War

A Battlefield Guide

Pen and Sword (2009)

A new battlefield guide to the Peninsular War is long overdue. Modern development in Spain and...

Remagen Bridge: 9th Armoured Infantry Division

Remagen Bridge

9th Armoured Infantry Division

In Spring 1945 one final hurdle faced the American and British Armies under Ike's supreme command -...

Walcheren: Operation Infatuate


Operation Infatuate

Pen and Sword (2003)

Describes the fierce campaign, codenamed INFATUATE, mounted in November 1944 to clear the way...

Somme Campaign
Pen and Sword (2014)

The five and a half month long Somme campaign in the summer and autumn of 1916 was a defining moment...

British Expeditionary Force: The 1914 Campaign
Pen and Sword (2014)

The book concentrates on the British Expeditionary Force's defensive actions during the retreat...

In Pursuit of Hitler: A Battlefield Guide to the Seventh (US) Army Drive

In Pursuit of Hitler

A Battlefield Guide to the Seventh (US) Army Drive

Pen and Sword (2008)

This book is a chronology of the Rise and Fall of the Third Reich and the famous victory drive of...

Victory in Europe
Pen and Sword (2005)

Sixty years ago, the World had been at war for nearly six years. The cost in life and material terms...