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Girly Man
University of Chicago Press (2008)

After 9/11, postmodernism and irony were declared dead. Charles Bernstein here proves them alive and...

Radical Poetics and Secular Jewish Culture
University of Alabama Press (2011)

"What have I in common with Jews? I hardly have anything in common with myself!" --Franz Kafka ...

Calligraphy Typewriters: The Selected Poems of Larry Eigner

Calligraphy Typewriters

The Selected Poems of Larry Eigner

Larry Eigner, Curtis Faville and 2 more...
University of Alabama Press (2017)

Larry Eigner began writing poetry at age eight and was first published at age nine. Revered by poets...

poetic license / poetic justice: a footnote to "the london march" by david antin, with a commentary by charles bernstein

poetic license / poetic justice

a footnote to "the london march" by david antin, with a commentary by charles bernstein

Barbara Rosenthal (2020)

Creative Non-fiction. A multifaceted set of lively writings by two poet-intellectuals (A. D. Coleman...

Stuttering Research and Practice: Bridging the Gap
Taylor and Francis (1999)

Current approaches to treating stuttering do not reflect the new understanding of its nature which...

Close Listening: Poetry and the Performed Word

Close Listening

Poetry and the Performed Word

Oxford University Press (1998)

Close Listening brings together seventeen strikingly original essays, especially written for this...

My Way: Speeches and Poems

My Way

Speeches and Poems

University of Chicago Press (2010)

"Verse is born free but everywhere in chains. It has been my project to rattle the chains." (from...

Attack of the Difficult Poems: Essays and Inventions
University of Chicago Press (2011)

Charles Bernstein is our postmodern jester of American poesy, equal part surveyor of democratic...

University of Chicago Press (2013)

Long anticipated, Recalculating is Charles Bernstein’s first full-length collection of new poems...

Pitch of Poetry
University of Chicago Press (2016)

Praised in recent years as a “calculating, improvisatory, essential poet” by Daisy Fried in the New...