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Product Liability in Comparative Perspective
Cambridge University Press (2005)

The different approach of the courts to product liability in a variety of different countries is...

Courts and Comparative Law
OUP Oxford (2015)

A critical analysis of the use of comparative and foreign law by courts across the globe, this book...

Product Liability
OUP Oxford (2020)

The leading authority on product liability law and practice, this work provides comprehensive...

Child Abuse Tort Claims Against Public Bodies: A Comparative Law View
Taylor and Francis (2017)

Increasing international cooperation in tackling the worldwide problem of child abuse and neglect...

Extraterritoriality and Collective Redress
OUP Oxford (2012)

Examines the extraterritorial effect of collective redress litigation, looking at the way in which...

The Negligence Liability of Public Authorities
OUP Oxford (2019)

The Negligence Liability of Public Authorities offers a thorough account of the law on the...

Comparative Law in Practice: Contract Law in a Mid-Channel Jurisdiction

Comparative Law in Practice

Contract Law in a Mid-Channel Jurisdiction

Bloomsbury Publishing (2016)

This book provides a comparative study of contract law, examining the interaction of common law and...

Public Procurement Law: Damages as an Effective Remedy
Bloomsbury Publishing (2011)

The aim of this book is to analyse the remedy of damages in public procurement law. It offers an...